What is NOMA?

NOMA is continually evolving. We are proud of our story and are continually looking to draw on our history as we look to the future.

NOMA is the 20 acre regeneration of Manchester urban land owned by The Co-op and Hermes Investment Management. We want to create a vibrant and exciting new neighbourhood where people can work, live, visit and relax with family and friends.

Working in partnership with Manchester City Council and other key stakeholders, we have already made significant progress in delivering our vision. We are now paving the way for further regeneration, which will create opportunities to attract new businesses, homes, shops and leisure facilities to the neighbourhood.
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What is NOMA?

The Co-op

Manchester has been the home of The Co-op for over 150 years. We put people and communities at the core of how we do business.

We want to bring The Co-op’s ethics and values to the regeneration of the NOMA site.

Our Values

The Co-op is committed to working closely with local communities.

The following principles will guide all consultation and engagement activities relating to NOMA:

  • We will be open and honest when presenting all information.
  • We will listen to and consider all feedback received about our plans.
  • We will ensure that all public engagement materials can be easily accessed by local communities and the general public.
  • We will be clear and ‘plain speaking’, avoiding technical terms and making engagement materials easy to follow.
  • We will work hard to respond to any issues raised by the local community, even if we will not be able to incorporate everyone’s ideas or resolve every issue raised.

Hermes Investment Management

Hermes Investment Management provides active investment and stewardship, striving to deliver sustainable, long-term returns for our clients. Our investment professionals currently manage over £29bn* / €33bn* / US$37bn* across a range of actively-managed and private market solutions. We are also one of the market leaders in responsible investment advisory services where we advise on £237bn* / €274bn* / US$308bn*.

Our investment solutions include:

Private markets: International real estate, UK commercial real estate, UK private rental sector real estate, infrastructure and private equity

High active share equities: Asia, global emerging markets, Europe, US, global, and small and mid cap

Credit: Absolute return, global high yield, multi strategy, global investment grade, real estate debt, direct lending

Multi asset: Multi asset inflation

Responsible investment services: Corporate engagement, intelligent voting and public policy engagement

*Please note the total AUM figure includes £5.4bn / €6.2bn / US$7.0bn of assets managed or under an advisory agreement by Hermes GPE LLP (“HGPE”), a joint venture between Hermes Fund Managers Limited (“HFM”) and GPE Partner Limited. HGPE is an independent entity and not part of the Hermes group. £0.2bn / €0.2bn / US$0.3bn of total group AUM figure represents HFM mandates under advice. Source: Hermes as at 30 September 2016.

Site Plan

  1. City Buildings
  2. Hanover
  3. Federation
  4. Dantzic
  5. Old Bank
  6. Sadler’s Yard
  1. Redfern
  2. The Tower
  3. 1 Miller Street (I)
  4. 1 Miller Street (II)
  5. 97 Shudehill
  6. Car Park
  1. New Century House and Hall
  2. Ducie Bridge (I)
  3. Ducie Bridge (II)
  4. Angel Square
  5. One Angel Square
  1. 2 & 3 Angel Square
  2. MSCP & Hotel
  3. Angel Gardens
  4. Plot T (I) and (II)
  5. Plot S
  6. Plot V

Project Timeline


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